– de Guru himself.

Everyone starts as a child. Every adult was once a child. The old was once young.

Many children never get to know this until they become adults while the adults seem to forget that they were once vulnerable children.

Childhood memories are blissful…the age of innocence.

Today is the 27th day of May 2021 but nothing to suggest that it is that big day- CHILDREN’S DAY!

Back in the days, all children of primary and secondary school age in Naija looked forward to CHILDREN’S DAY celebrations.

That is the almighty May 27- a day set aside annually to celebrate Nigerian children…the future of mankind.

Back in the days, the public schools were on top and a proud place to belong, and their school children a truly beautiful sight to behold on all days and especially on CHILDREN’S DAY.

Think of the inter-school debates, quizz competitions and football matches that brought school children together and created lasting memories and bonds.

Sad to say, those were the good old days.

I recollect the students’ march past competitions featuring different primary and secondary schools with all of them appearing in their resplendent uniforms and looking heavenly.

Those were the good old days. 😢.

In those good old days, there were many other side attractions to the extent that children of primary and secondary age who were not privileged to be in any school looked forward to CHILDREN’S DAY.

It was a carnival of its own.

How time flies.

Now all those seem to be history.

Too bad! Naija jagajaga.

Naija does not have a sustainable governance plan to nature her children while the adults are left solitary and helpless.

Owing to leadership failure, Naija is destroying the present and future of her children.

The first happiness of a child is to know that he or she is loved.

No child, no adult but not every child will be an adult, and this is where the problem lies.

Naija does not love her children because Naija children have no present.

I hate to think that they will have a bleak future.

Everyday, the past seems to be better in Nigeria. Tufiakwa!

This is akin to making progress in reverse order. It is scary.

What is the significance of CHILDREN’S DAY when many children are out of school, when the public schools can no longer offer quality education and the private ones whose standards are unarguably not any better are overpriced and designated exploitation grounds?

What will Naija tell her children about the significance of CHILDREN’S DAY when they learn under trees and or dilapidated classrooms and when inter-school sports competitions are no longer held to discover young talents?

What will Naija tell her children about CHILDREN’S DAY celebrations when her young ones are daily exposed to killings, violence and blood letting which has turned them to unfortunate orphans?

How can today be CHILDREN’S DAY when the innocent children cannot go to the stadium to be free to bond and fraternise because of grave security concerns?

Can Naija truly say Happy CHILDREN’S DAY to her deprived children?

This is where de Guru comes in✔️📚

My beloved Students all over NIGERIA, I feel like crying knowing that I have to preach to make you register for a program that has in all sincerity promised to eradicate hunger, producer millionaires and potential liberators📚

I am still your Guru, please accept this gift from me!

1. Every student should sacrifice #1000, visit and register for students against hunger which promises #2.1Billion to 301 students among other hunger eliminating interventions.

2. As a registered contestant/liberator, you will access to BookishGurus App FREE, learn all your courses from de Guru himself and have access to undiluted solutions to past questions specific to your school. Use the link below, download the App and sign in:

3. As a registered contestant targeting the big win, you stand a chance of walking away with a phone and a laptop whether you go ahead to win the big prize or not.

4 Don’t forget that you can become a national celebrity even before the contest starts as RICHLIFE AFRICA projects your verified photos trending in advance.

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In case you missed it the first time, hear it again, “The first happiness of a child is to know that he or she is loved”.

Everyone starts out crying. No children, no adults.

Happy children’s day to all our dearly beloved Nigerian children. 🇳🇬

de Guru, 27/05/21

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