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Why Post-UTME Is Very Important To Your Admission Success

I have always said that your JAMB score alone does not guarantee admission. Regardless of your JAMB score, do not joke with your Post-UTME. This is because Post UTME carries a large percentage in the total score that determines whether or not you gain admission. So a good performance in Post-UTME will help you gain admission even with your low Jamb score.

Don’t abandon your books because you have a high JAMB score. You are supposed to study hard also for your Post-UTME exam. As a matter of fact, in some schools, a high Post-UTME will increase your chances of gaining admission more than a high JAMB score. Nevertheless, it is better to have both a high JAMB score and a high Post-UTME score.

This means you should strive to do well in your Post-UTME. Especially for candidates that scored low in JAMB, Post-UTME is a good opportunity to boost your score.

Over the years, we have observed that candidates with low JAMB scores but high Post UTME scores, securing admission despite the low jamb Score; provided they are able to meet the cut-off mark of their schools of choice.

Schools like UNIBEN takes Post-UTME score very serious. Regardless of your JAMB score once you score anything below 50 in UNIBEN’s Post-UTME. There is a high possibility that you won’t be considered for admission,

In UNIBEN, Post-UTME carries 50 percent of the total score that determines your admission. Based on experience, UNIBEN divides the JAMB score by 8 and Post UTME score by 2. If you scored 200 in JAMB and 90 in Post UTME for instance; UNIBEN will divide your Jamb score by 8 and your Post UTME score by 2.

200 divided by 8 is equal to 25 and 90 divided by 2 is 45. Therefore, 25 plus 45 gives you 70. With such as your total admission score, you have a good chance of getting admission into any course of your choice in UNIBEN.

In conclusion, while it is good to score high both in Jamb and Post UTME, you can still gain admission to study your desired course if you do well in Post UTME irrespective of your Jamb score. So don’t procrastinate; you can get the Original Post-UTME Past Questions and answers of your school of choice and start preparing

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