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This article is to help candidates monitor and easily know the schools that have released admission lists for the 2022/2023 academic session. The article will be updated the moment any school announces the release of its 2022/2023 admission list.

So, if your school is not here, always check back as this article will be updated always…

Universities That Have Released Admission Lists

  1. Westland University admission list, 2022/2023 available on JAMB CAPS
  2. FCE (Technical), Akoka (affiliated UNIBEN) degree admission list, 2022/2023
  3. FUPRE admission list, 2022/2023 available on JAMB CAPS
  4. ESUT admission list, 2022/2023 available on JAMB CAPS
  5. GOMSU UTME admission list, 2022/2023
  6. FUOTUOKE admission list, 2022/2023
  7. FUKashere admission list for the 2022/2023 session
  8. LASUSTECH admission list, 2022/2023
  9. BASU UTME admission list, 2022/2023
  10. Al-Istiqama University admission list, 2022/2023
  11. Al-Qalam University Admission List, 2022/2023
  12. FUKshere admission list, 2022/2023
  13. UNIPORT admission list, 2022/2023
  14. IMSU Admission List, 2022/2023
  15. Thomas Adewumi University admission list, 2022/2023
  16. NMU admission list, 2022/2023
  17. AKSU admission list for 2022/2023 session
  18. Caritas University Admission List 2022/2023 Session
  19. Dominion University Admission list, 2022/2023
  20. Baba Ahmed University Admission List, 2022/2023
  21. LASUED Admission List for 2022/2023 session
  22. Arthur Jarvis Admission List 2022/2023 Session
  23. Ave Maria University Admission List 2022/2023 Session
  24. Ahman Pategi University Admission List, 2022/2023 Session
  25. Admiralty University of Nigeria admission list now on JAMB CAPS
  26. Crescent University Admission List, 2022/2023
  27. Coal University Admission List, 2022/2023
  28. Claretian University Admission List 2022/2023 Session
  29. Christopher University Admission List 2022/2023 Session
  30. Summit University, Offa Admission List, 2022/2023
  31. Bowen University Admission List 2022/2023 Session
  32. Redeemers University Admission List, 2022/2023 Session
  33. BIU Admission list, 2022/2023
  34. Bells University of Technology Admission list
  35. UNIDEL admission list for 2022/2023 session out
  36. American University of Nigeria admission list, 2022/2023
  37. Al-Ansar University Admission List 2022/2023
  38. Adeleke University Admission List, 2022/2023
  39. OAUSTECH Admission List, 2022/2023
  40. Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University Admission List, 2022/2023
  41. SSU admission list, 2022/2023
  42. Bayelsa Medical University admission list, 2022/2023
  43. UAES admission list, 2022/2023
  44. Al-hikmah University UTME/DE admission lis, 2022/2023
  45. Koladaisi University Admission List, 2022/2023
  46. KSUSTA Admission List, 2022/2023
  47. FUTminna admission list, 2022/2023
  48. Zamfara State University admission list, 2022/2023
  49. Federal University of Agriculture, Zuru Admission list, 2022/2023
  50. FUOYE Admission list, 2022/2023 out
  51. Delta State University, Ozoro Admission List, 2022/2023
  52. EBSU admission list for 2022/2023 session
  53. Clifford University admission list, 2022/2023
  54. CUSTECH admission list now on school’s portal, 2022/2023
  55. University of Africa, Toru-Orua admission list
  56. TASUED admission list, 2022/2023 out
  57. KSU admission list, 2022/2023 out
  58. Capital City University Admission List out, 2022/2023
  59. ADSU UTME Admission List, 2022/2023
  60. UNIOSUN admission list, 2022/2023
  61. Federal University of Health Sciences, Azare admission list, 2022/2023
  62. David Umahi University of Medical Science Admission List, 2022/2023
  63. Taraba State Polytechnic admission list, 2022/2023
  64. RSUST admission list, 2022/2023 out
  65. COOU admission list, 2022/2023 session
  66. Dennis Osadebay University releases Admission list, 2022/2023
  67. DELSU 1st batch admission list for 2022/2023 session
  68. First Technical University Admission list, 2022/2023
  69. Landmark University Admission List, 2022/2023
  70. Bingham University 2nd admission list, 2022/2023
  71. BOUESTI releases admission list, 2022/2023
  72. Chrisland University Admission List for 2022/2023 Session
  73. UNIMED admission list for 2022/2023 session
  74. IAUE admission list, 2022/2023 session out
  75. Edo State University releases admission list, 2022/2023
  76. KWASU admission list for 2022/2023 session
  77. Covenant University first Batch undergraduate admission list, 2022/2023
  78. ABUAD 1st Batch Admission List for 2022/2022 session
  79. Evangel University Admission list, 2022/2023

Polytechnics That Have Released Admission Lists

  1. Abia State polytechnic ND Admission List, 2022/2023 out on JAMB CAPS
  2. Federal Cooperative College, Ibadan admission list, 2022/2023
  3. Akanu Ibiam Poly ND admission list, 2022/2023
  4. Auchi Poly admission list, 2022/2023 available on JAMB CAPS
  5. IMTE ND admission list for 2022/2023 session
  6. Fed Poly Ado-Ekiti admission list, 2022/2023
  7. Kano State Poly ND (FT) Admission List is out, 2022/2023
  8. EDEPOLY ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  9. Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic ND Admission Lists, 2022/2023
  10. NCAT ND Admission List 2022/2023
  11. BAUCHIPOLY ND admission list, 2022/2023
  12. Federal Polytechnic Daura admission list, 2022/2023
  13. D.S Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic admission list, 2022/2023
  14. Enugu State Polytechnic admission list, 2022/2023
  15. Isa Mustapha Agwai Poly ND admission list, 2022/2023
  16. Lens Polytechnic Admission List, 2022/2023
  17. HUSSAINIPOLY Admission List, 2022/2023
  18. Trinity Polytechnic admission list, 2022/2023
  19. Federal Polytechnic, Mubi ND admission list, 2022/2023
  20. NEKEDEPOLY ND admission list, 2022/2023
  21. Ibadan Polytechnic admission list, 2022/2023
  22. Rivers State College Of Health Science And Technology Admission List, 2022/2023
  23. EKSPOLY ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  24. RUGIPO ND admission list for 2022/2023 session
  25. Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic ND Admission List 2022/2023
  26. Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  27. Federal College of Forest Resources Management, Maiduguri ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  28. Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  29. Federal College of Forest Resources Management, Ishiagu ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  30. Fed Poly Bali ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  31. Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic admission list, 2022/2023
  32. Federal College of Agriculture, Moor Plantation ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  33. PTI ND Full-Time Admission List, 2022/2023
  34. RECTEM Admission List, 2022/2023
  35. Elechi Amadi Polytechnic ND admission list, 2022/2023
  36. Osun State College of Health Technology Admission list, 2022/2023
  37. BESTPOTECH admission list for 2022/2023 session
  38. MAPOLY ND admission lists for 2022/2023 session
  39. Delta Poly Ogwashiuku ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  40. Fed Poly, Ukana admission list, 2022/2023 out
  41. FABOTAS College of Health Science and Technology admission list, 2022/2023
  42. Akwa Ibom Poly admission list, 2022/2023 out
  43. OSPOLY ND admission list for 2022/2023 session
  44. Foundation Polytechnic Admission list, 2022/2023
  45. AD-COHST releases admission list, 2022/2023
  46. Eastern Polytechnic admission list, 2022/2023
  47. Federal Poly Oko ND Admission list, 2022/2023
  48. OGITECH admission list for 2022/2023 session
  49. KSP ND Admission List For 2022/2023 session
  50. Federal Polytechnic Kaltungo admission list, 2022/2023
  51. Fed Poly Idah ND full-time admission List, 2022/2023
  52. KENPOLY ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  53. Fed Poly Bida ND admission list, 2022/2023
  54. KWARAPOLY ND full-time admission list for 2022/2023 academic session
  55. Federal Polytechnic of Oil and Gas, Bonny ND admission list, 2022/2023
  56. NACEST admission list for 2022/2023 academic session
  57. Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro ND full-time admission list, 2022/2023
  58. Fed Poly Kaura, Namoda ND admission list, 2022/2023
  59. Fed Poly Nasarawa ND Admission List, 2022/2023
  60. KWACOTECH 1st Batch Admission List for 2022/2023 session
  61. Cross Rivers State College of Health Technology admission list, 2022/2023
  62. Galtima Maikyari college of Health Science admission List, 2022/2023
  63. Ebonyi State College of Health Science and Technology Admission List, 2022/2023
  64. School of Health Technology, Minna Admission List, 2022/2023
  65. Delta State College of Health Technology, Ofuoma admission list, 2022/2023 session

Colleges of Education That Have Released Admission Lists

  1. Shehu Shagari College of Education Degree Admission list on JAMB CAPS, 2022/2023
  2. Sa’adatu Rimi College Of Education Degree Admission list, 2022/2023 on JAMB CAPS
  3. FCE (Technical), Asaba NCE Admission List 2022/2023
  4. Alvan Ikoku College of Education NCE admission list, 2022/2023
  5. TASCE NCE Admission List, 2022/2023
  6. NOCOE NCE Admission List 2022/2023
  7. FCET Gombe NCE admission list, 2022/2023
  8. FCEABEOKUTA Admission List, 2022/2023
  9. FCE Iwo NCE admission list, 2022/2023
  10. FCEOBUDU admission list, 2022/2023
  11. FCEYOLA NCE admission list, 2022/2023
  12. FCE Technical, Umunze NCE Admission List, 2022/2023
  13. Alvan Ikoku COE 1st Batch degree admission list, 2022/2023
  14. College of Education, Akwanga NCE admission list, 2022/2023
  15. KWCOEILORIN 1st batch admission list for the 2022/2023 session

All applicants are advised to ensure they check their admission status via JAMB CAPS regularly as many schools may not officially announce the release of their admission list but the lists may have been uploaded on JAMB CAPS. For details on how to check your admission status via JAMB CAPS. see steps below
How To Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS

  • Visit: https://www.jamb.gov.ng/EfacilityLogin and login with your registered email address and password to access your dashboard
  • Click on ‘Check Admission Status,
  • Click on ‘Access my CAPS’
  • Click on ‘Admission Status’ to see if you have been offered admission.
  • If you have been admitted you will get a response with your Photo Image being displayed and a text Congratulating you on your admission offer, But if you are not offered any admission yet you will get a text response with “Sorry No Admission has been Given Yet
  • If you have been offered admission, you can proceed to ACCEPT OR REJECT ADMISSION

Successfully admitted candidates are advised to ensure that they indicate the acceptance or rejection of admission online and timely to enable the processing of their admission.

It is important to note also that candidates who have been offered admission are to print their admission letter after accepting the admission, as they will likely need this during clearance and registration in the school that they have been admitted.

Note: If you are using a phone, you may not see the option to check Admission Status on CAPS, Most phone users may only see the welcome message. You are to use the desktop mode to view the complete page. This is why the chrome browser is recommended if you are using a phone. All you need to do is go to Chrome option and choose request desktop site for the complete page to display.

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