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Life After School: The Journey Begins by Olaide Damilola Adeboye Now Officially Published.

Life is not a race. It is a journey. One journey with ten individuals will birth ten different experiences. While some say school is the best thing that happened to them, others say school is a scam. Different strokes for different folks. If a proposition is made to ten individuals about a lingering problem, some might see it as a problem while others might see a solution and a means of wealth creation. UBER has the largest network of cars but do not solely own these cars. The aim was to give the same comfort as a personal car and to create job opportunities. This mitigation process was launched at the time when they were most needed.
Keying into time is crucial for every endeavour. There is time and season for everything. For instance, each fruit has its appointed season. The period of watermelon abundance varies from that of mango. At every time, opportunity will present itself but the only downside is not having a notch to stand out. If there was just no season variance whether rainy, dry, harmattan, spring, autumn etc, the world would be catastrophic because each time and season has its own opportunity(s), many projects would be on hold, famine would be prevalent. Thus, different times and seasons have their clients.
However, to activate time and opportunities there is a need to find passion. Passion. The aforementioned brand would not be a household name if someone or group did not find, purse and launch into reality their passion. Having fervour or determination for something or a particular course is a pathway to finding passion. Even if there are chances and opportunities, not developing one’s self and passion could deter success. Carrying out a self-analysis in order to know one’s passion is the first step to take. What are your career goals? What are your short term and long-term objectives? What are your key strengths and weaknesses?
To do this, the SWOT analysis is required.
S- Strengths
W- Weaknesses
O- Opportunities
T- Threats
Another self analysis is the personality test. A personality test could be taken and can act as a succor in order to understand the SWOT Analysis in relation to ones self. It would show areas to work on, to improve and to perfect. You can also ask friends and family to write about your traits -strengths and weaknesses. Most impoertantly, work on them. No one has it all. No one is totally bad or good. Do not capitalise on your weakness. Work on them and channel them to becoming strength to find your true north.
To find your true north, you have to un-learn, learn and re-learn because Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.- Henry Ford. Learn anything possible that could be a solution. Do not let learning be peculiar to formal education. Use the social media wisely. Survey your environment. When others are seeing a problem, see a solution. Always watch out for problems and try creating a mitigation process. Therefore, to aid your learning process and true north finding, set SMART goals, have positive impacts, create symbiotic relationships, be proactive, be a team player, manage time effectively etc.
In sequel to the self analysis, carry out an external analysis. What are the opportunities on the outside? What industry or industries do you fit into or can your brand, personality type or skills-set be tailored to? What companies are currently recruiting? Any problem you can be the solution to?
To answer these appropriately, networking with and modelling after decision makers and those who can get your foot in the door. Competencies and capabilities are great, but you would get employed faster via referrals. Speak to people who can help. Cold calling and social media can also help. Do not rely on just advertised vacancies when looking for a job. A lot of vacancies are never advertised. Use your networking skills and speak with people within your circle. For instance, a colleague’s sister had issue at her work place. She was unknowingly ejected from her workplace. She goes to work but didn’t get paid after the payment of the first six months. She later discovered her name had been expunged from the Employees List. While the discussion was on going and people providing solutions, a member of staff walked and called someone on the issue very quietly. Unexpectedly, he turned out to be the solution and the puzzle was solved in few days.
While networking, you have to be self motivated and by things around you. There are more than a million people who envy your position as a graduate. Think about it, more than a million aspirants seek admission every year but the available slots are significantly less than the number of aspirants. Hence, the rest without admission is left coupled with the secondary school graduates leading to proliferation in subsequent years. So, it is important to have an edge over others which is the result of niche carving. Have something that stands you out of the crowd. This notch is what labels you as a brand. A brand is an entity with a different identity with the most appeal to the target audience. It is not how you see yourself but how others perceive you. Personal branding drives down to intentionality, strategic positioning, excellence, networking, consistency, integrity, accountability amongst others.
You have to grow in, in other to grow out. It is crucial to be balanced in all spheres of life. You have to be your own cheerleader, have a sense of responsibility and an undaunted self esteem. A principle of life is first within then without. Know at all times that you are not behind in life. Always affirm positivity. Give no room to negativity. Use positive affirmations to change your mindset as well as your imagination. Do what you do with all confidence provided it is legal.
However, if you are offered a job that pays less than your expectation, please take it and build experience. In few months, you will be in a better position to apply for jobs that pay significantly higher or even create one for yourself and others. Don’t say no to opportunities and chill at home waiting for a job that comes with juicy salary and incentives. Achebe said “If you wait until you are as tall as a palm tree, you’ll never drink palmwine. You have to climb the palmtree and bring down the wine.” No matter how small get something doing. No one climbs a ladder from the top once it rests on a perpendicular surface. The first step is to place a foot on the lowest.
In all, being you is being true to yourself. Self awareness, trainings, with properly defined growth path is what launches you into the world of opportunities and problem solving. An investment in your education and personal development will yield great interest. Struggle to be an individual of value. You are not behind in life. The world is no longer impressed with duplicating but ingenuity because life is a peculiar journey!

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