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For Akeredolu, Should bygones be bygones?

If you have been so familiar with the political trajectory and happenings within the camp of the “progressives” as a result of the political tomfoolery and tapestry actively orchestrated and promoted by Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu over the years against the State chapter, you would agree with me that a mere apology can’t be a recourse to the damage he has done to the state chapter.

I equally believe that you will probably agree with me also, that his whining cry and late romance vis-a-vis consultations with party leaders barely 48hours to the Party’s gubernatorial primaries aren’t in the spirit of oneness, neither is it in the interest of the party, but an uninterrupted attempt to create a political space where he can forestall, stage and finish his unprinted script written since 2015.

You will definitely be forgiven to think that I have something against him except the fact that he failed to fulfill his electioneering promise of restoring electricity to the Southern part of the state. But believe me, “Once chameleon, always a Chameleon”. As Rightly said, there is no permanent enemy(ies) or friend(s) in Politics. Likewise, there is no permanent clash. If there will be a clash, it is definitely a temporary clash of interest. Yes, as simple as that. Politics is primarily a game of interest. It could be personal or party interest. But the latter takes the forefront in a political party with a good political structure. But the question that is begging for answers is why he would politically enslave and cage some members so much that the shackles were tied around their neck, even threatened to suffocate them when he knew the way to the top of the ladder is on the floor?. Now, he wants them to bury the past. Would that be easily possible?

It is widely believed that the 2015 APC primaries that produced Arakunrin’s candidacy was greeted with riggings, manipulations and what have you.

His candidacy, which many believed was orchestrated and masterminded by the power from above, created disaffection, animosity and division in the camp of the “progressives”. This however remains unabated and deepens after a change in the leadership, as some members loyal to the governor tried to arrogate power to themselves. Arakunrin didn’t only render the aggrieved members useless, he went as far as politically disengaging them so much that none of the disgruntled members benefited from the dividends of his government or have a say in the affairs of the party. As if that was not enough, he ensured that no appointment or contract was awarded to some who stood their ground and vowed to uphold the sanctity of the party, although Arakunrin claimed that they didn’t work for his emergence. But who should have been accused and expelled for anti-party activities if not Akeredolu who in a bid to satisfy his psychotic obsession and compulsive ambition committed the most grievous political crime a politician can ever commit? He sponsored in broad daylight the candidates of AA against his own party candidates. Such action portrayed him not just a self-centred person but as a betrayer. His action however created a leeway for the opposition party as many of his party members lost their mandates to the opposition parties. Who else could be tagged a betrayer between Akeredolu and the members who are tired of his leadership style?. What could have been more good and praiseworthy of a leader, if in the spirit of love and party interest, he had tried to settle scores with aggrieved parties so as to foster an all-inclusive government? But instead,he acted against the principles of wisdom and common sense by letting the sleeping dog lie.

He failed to realize that it offends the principles of wisdom and beats the law of common sense for a man to destroy “Èdè”(his home), because he is going to “Ede”(a town in Osun State). Where will he return to?. The most comic of all is that he is currently scavenging for shelters in the camp he divided and from the same people he rendered useless for over three and half years.

He is pretentiously urging them to embrace peace in the interest of the party after all said and done and after all the missiles thrown and explosives flung across media space. Although, in politics, it is customary to have enemy or enemies as the case may be, most especially when interests don’t align, but what seems to be absurd and abnormal is to practically abandon those who worked directly or indirectly for your emergence. He made a grievous mistake not to have settled with them before now. The question is “Why now?” I am pretty sure that he knew he would be contesting for a second term, so his actions were intentional. He probably might have forgotten that in politics, your enemy today might be that visceral friend you must keep tomorrow. Before now, he should have quenched the power of the ticking time bomb that is about to explode now when he knows his second term bid is a going enterprise. I believe he just didn’t want to.

He believed his popularity and office are enough to persuade potential party delegates to want to give him the mandate again, forgetting that his political pedigrees over the years ostensibly lack grits and grips. Don’t be surprised, after all said and done, in less than few hours to the election, some aspirants who only came like a temporary whirlwind, to be still at its short surge of appointments and robust promises would weasel out their ambitions after much deliberation. Knowing that the political wound inflicted on these people is irreversible, and that his swift actions acted in contravention to the spirit of oneness and interest of the party during the 2019 general election resulted to the party’s lost glory, should bygones be bygones?.

Williams Folorunso is a writer, political and social commentator. He wrote from Ibadan Oyo State and he can reached through;[email protected]

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