African University of Science and Technology (AUST) Vacancy Announcement for the Post of President/Vice-Chancellor

The African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Abuja, Nigeria, is conducting an international search for a President/Vice-Chancellor. The Board of Trustees/Governing Council hereby invites letters of nomination, applications, or expressions of interest to be submitted for consideration by the Board/Council. The review of applications received will begin immediately and continue until the appointment is made.

AUST offers its next President/Vice-Chancellor an opportunity to contribute to Africa’s development prospects that are distinctive and unique in the African continent. In the few short years of its existence, AUST has established a growing reputation of an African center of academic excellence. Its student body is selected rigorously and has come from 17 African countries. Its faculty is committed and talented and includes African professionals in the diaspora as well as others from other continents drawn from the best universities in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. It has received and continues to receive support from such well-known multilateral institutions as the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and the African Capacity Building Foundation. It is located in the capital of the largest economy in Africa, with a great opportunity for interactions and partnerships with the local community and industry.

Job Type: FullTime
Qualification: PhD
Experience: 15 years
Location: Abuja
Job Field: Administration/Secretarial, Education/Teaching, /Rudimentary Finance
Tenure of Appointment: 5years
Statement of Leadership

The President/Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the University, a member of the faculty and carries out the policies and programs established by the Board of Trustees/Council. The President/Vice-Chancellor provides the overall intellectual and organizational leadership to the University. At this phase of AUSTs development, the next President/Vice Chancellor will thus have the unique opportunity to lead a mission-driven institution to consolidate its achievements to date and move to the next level of its development. AUST is looking for an energetic, forward-thinking and creative individual with high ethical standards to focus his attention in the five primary areas: (a) nurture, deepen and expand AUSTs academic standards and quality, Including the strengthening of the already strict admissions standards that have been in effect, retain and recruit exceptional faculty and consolidate efforts underway to build and advance a strong research culture; (b) be an effective planner and administrator; (c) have experience and ability to build internal and external partnerships at different levels: the establishment of partnerships, networks/linkages with other universities in and outside Africa, and industry to diffuse knowledge and innovation across Africa; (d) ensure AUST is in compliance with all accrediting and regulatory bodies; and (e) enable the development of a bottom-up entrepreneurial approach to education, research, and innovation by inspiring students to innovate in science using their African context and heritage. The President/Vice-Chancellor is responsible for managing the operations and administration of the University and its compliance with applicable University Laws and Policies, the host country’s constitution (i.e. Federal Republic of Nigeria) as well as appropriate academic’s laws and regulations.

Furthermore, the President/Vice Chancellor serves as the chief academic officer of the University, responsible for providing academic leadership in teaching and research for the University and in maintaining and advancing the academic policies of the University as approved by the Board of Trustees and the Governing Council. The President/Vice Chancellor and his/her office report to the Board of Trustees and the Governing Council and ensure that key directives and policies are carried out and inquiries are answered.

Responsibilities of the Position

Providing overall vision and direction: The President/Vice Chancellor works with a wide range of internal and external constituencies in providing leadership for the University; protects and furthers the excellence of the campus, and promotes the University’s image and reputation as a premier pan-African research and education institution nationally, regionally and internationally. The President/Vice-Chancellor fosters and builds upon the strengths of the University and provides leadership to guide its future course; He/she leads the University community in establishing a clear, unified vision for the University; supports and encourages diversity throughout the University community.

Managing the University’s operations:The President/Vice Chancellor is responsible for the administration, fiscal management and compliance with applicable policies, laws, rules, regulations, and contracts, grants, and donor restrictions; consistent with and subject to the policies defined by the Board of Trustees and the Governing Council, he/she recruits, builds, and retains a professional executive team to achieve prudent and effective management of the University’s resources and in collaboration with the executive team, establishes a control environment focused on achieving the University’s vision while promoting strong business acumen, integrity, and accountability.

External outreach and fundraising: The President/Vice-Chancellor represents the University in external outreach to promote partnerships with various stakeholders including educational institutions, governments, development agencies, private sector entities, and foundations. His/her primary responsibilities are to increase institutional resources and support, including donations, from public and private institutions, and forge closer ties with education Institutions to promote academic excellence.
Managing academic affairs: The President/Vice-Chancellor works with his/her faculty in developing academic priorities and programs; works with the faculty to enhance the quality, and delivery of teaching, scholarship, and service; manage the overall teaching and research programs.

Reporting to the Board of Trustees/Governing Council: The President/Vice Chancellor of the University is accountable for carrying out the policies and programs established by the Governing Council and Board of Trustees and for bringing recommendations to the attention of the Governing Council and the Board of Trustees to keep it fully informed In meeting its policymaking responsibilities; he/she needs to engage the Governing Council and Board of Trustees in the formulation and implementation of strategic and budget plans to advance the University’s mission and goals, and respond timely to all queries made by members of Governing Council and Board of Trustees.
Qualification and Experience

The successful candidate for the presidency of AUST must have impeccable ethics, an extensive record of academic leadership accomplishments with at least fifteen years’ experience as a full professor. He/she must also have a proven management track record of at least five years at a senior level in the academia (as dean, provost, or head of the department with major responsibilities). Since AUST is primarily a research-oriented University, the selected candidate must demonstrate the capacity to lead a growing organization such as the AUST. He/she must have a Ph.D. degree, as well as a record of excellence in teaching, research, exemplified with a minimum of SCOPUS h-index of 20 and a sizeable number of SCOPUS citations to his/her research work. He/she must also have experience dealing with education regulatory authorities and working in a multicultural environment. The successful candidate must have the ability to balance academics and administrative issues and to inspire students to innovate in science using their African contextand heritage.

Method of Application
Appropriately experienced and qualified applicants should please forward the following materials – a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and contact information of five professional references – electronically, and in confidence to [email protected].

Closing Date for Application: Saturday, August 1, 2020.

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