This is to inform the general public and Students of Mountain Top University that the management has released the Approved Academic Calendar for 2022/2023 session. The Full Calendar is highlighted below;


Sunday 18th – Friday, 30th September 2022 Verification & Registration of Fresh Students, ESM, Manners & Etiquette, Special Lectures, etc.



Monday, 3rd October – Friday, 7th October 2022 Arrival, Documentation, and Registration of Returning Students

Monday, 10th – Wednesday, 12th, October 2022 Orientation Programme for Fresh Students

Monday, 10th October 2022 Lectures Begin for All Students

Friday, 18th November 2022 Registration Ends for Returning Students

Monday, 5th – Friday, 9th December 2022 Mid Semester Test I

Sunday, 18th – Thursday, 22nd December 2022 Convocation Week

Thursday, 22nd December 2022 4th Convocation Ceremony

Friday, 23rd December 2022 – Monday, 2nd January 2023 Christmas, and New Year Break

Tuesday, 3rd January 2023 Resumption of Academic Activities

Wednesday, 4th – Saturday, 6th January 2023 Mid Semester Test II

Friday, 27th January 2023 Lectures End for First Semester 2022/2023 Academic Session

Monday, 30th January – Friday, 3rd February 2023 Lecture Free Week

Thursday, 2nd February 2023 Distinguished Lecture Day

Monday, 6th – Saturday, 18th February 2023 First Semester Examination

Sunday, 19th February 2023 First Semester Break

Monday, 20th – Friday, 3rd March 2023 Result Processing

Thursday, 9th March 2023 Consideration by Senate




2 weeks for Registration

15 weeks for Lectures (10/10/2022 – 27/01/2023)

1 week for Revision (30/01/2023 – 03/02/2023)

2 weeks for Examination (30/01/2023 – 11/02/2023)



TOTAL – 20 Weeks



Monday, 6th – Sunday,19th March 2023 Resumption and Registration

Monday, 13th March 2023 Lectures Begin for All Students

Saturday, 6th May 2023 Registration Ends for All Students

Monday, 24th – Friday, 28th April 2023 Mid-Semester Test I

Monday, 1st – Friday, 5th May 2023 Students’ Week

Monday, 22nd – Friday, 26th May 2023 Mid-Semester Test II

Friday, 23rd June 2023 Lectures End for Second Semester 2022/2023 Academic Session

Monday, 26th – Friday, 30th June 2023 Lecture Free Week

Monday, 3rd July – Friday, 14th July 2023 Second Semester Examinations

Saturday, 15th July 2023 End of 2022/2023 Academic Session/Students Vacate Hostels

Monday, 17th – Friday, 28th July 2023 Result Processing

Thursday, 3rd August 2023 Consideration of Results by Senate





 2 weeks for Registration

14 weeks for Lectures (13/03/2023 – 23/06/2023)

1 week for Students’ Week (01/05/2023 – 05/05/2023

1 week for Revision (26/06/2023 – 30/06/2023)


2 weeks for Examination (03/07/2023 – 14/07/2023)



TOTAL – 20 Weeks



SIWES (Monday, 6th March – Friday, 8th September 2023)

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