The Edo State University school fees schedule for the 2022/2023 session is out. The school fees schedule shows a break down of fees and charges payable by the newly admitted students of Edo State University’Iyamho for the 2022/2023 academic session. All newly admitted students are to check the breakdown of fees below and proceed with the procedure also stated below to pay the required fees.


Edo State University fees for 2022/2023 session
Courses Degree Awarded Fresh Students School Fees




School Fees for

International Students


Applied Health


Medical Lab. Science BMLS 780,000 2,438
Nursing BNSc 1,200,000 4,050








& Social






Accounting B.Sc 378,500 1,419
Business Administration B.Sc 328,500 1,232
Banking and Finance B.Sc 178,500 1,000
Economics B.Sc 328,500 1,232
English Language B.A 178,500 1,000
Entrepreneurship B.Sc 178,500 1,000
History & International Studies B.A 328,500 1,232
Mass Communication B.Sc 428,000 1,419
Peace and Conflict Studies B.Sc 178,500 1,000
Political Science &Public Administration B.Sc 328,500 1,232
Sociology B.Sc 178,500 1,000



Biochemistry B.Sc 328,500 1,232
Anatomy B.Sc 328,500 1,232
Physiology B.Sc 228,500 1,000
Clinical Science Medicine & Surgery MB;BS 2,710,000 6,932
Engineering Chemical Engineering B.Eng 503,500 1,888
Civil Engineering B.Eng 503,500 1,888
Computer Engineering B.Eng 503,500 1,888
Electrical & Electronic Engineering B.Eng 503,500 1,888
Mechanical, Engineering B.Eng 503,500 1,888
Law Law LL.B 1,080,500 3,369
Science Animal and Environmental Biology B.Sc 178,500 1,000
Computer Science B.Sc 428,000 1,419
Industrial Chemistry B.Sc 178,500 1,000
Microbiology B.Sc 328,500 1,232
Physics with Electronics B.Sc 178,500 1,000
Plant Biology and Biotechnology B.Sc 178,500 1,000



Accommodation fees ranges from N120,000 to N200,000 and it is compulsory for all students. (International Students – from $500 to $833)


*MBBS Students are expected to pay an additional sum of ? 750,000 for Clinicals from 300 Level. (International Students – $2,083)

** Nursing and Medical Laboratory Science Students are expected to pay an additional sum of ? 500,000 for Clinicals from 300 Level.(International Students – $1,250)


ü  A minimum first instalment of 60% for ALL Courses must be paid before clearance while the balance must be paid in the first week of the second semester.
ü  Payment of school fees is strictly online. Visit https://pay.euiais.ng and enter your UTME Registration Number or Matric Number, click login and kindly follow payment instructions on the website.

There is a Learning Management System (LMS) fee of:

N15,000 for Students

N15,000 for parents (optional)


Edo State University Uzairue offers variety of rooms and living options in each of the Halls of residence. The Halls of Residence are all within campus and accommodations are available for fresh and returning students each academic session. The Halls of Residence are equipped with 24/7 security services. The room/living options provide students with similar interest and other facilities to support their lifestyle choices. The varied accommodation based on different fees may include; 10, 8 or 6 spring bunk bed, mattress, lighting and water, Wi-Fi, water heating system in bathroom and with cooking or no cooking space. Shuttle buses are available at affordable prices to transport students from Halls of Residence to anywhere around the campus.

Accommodation and room options

S/N Name of Hostel Category Gender Bed Spaces Price range (?)
1 Hall 1 Premium Female Only 5 Beds 150,000
Regular Female Only 6 Beds 120,000
2 Hall 2 Regular Male Only 5 Beds 120,000
Regular Royal Male Only 2/3 Beds 175,000
3 Hall 3 Premium Male Only 5 Beds 150,000
Premium Villa Male Only 5 Beds 200,000
4 Hall 4 Regular Female Only 6 Beds 120,000
Premium Villa Female Only 6 Beds 200,000


Description of Edo State University Halls of Residence

Premium lodge (? 150,000 per session): This room type accommodates five students but has no cooking spaces (students are not allowed to make their meals in the lodge). The rooms are en-suite with bathroom and toilet spaces and wall drop lobbies.

Regular lodge (? 120,000 per session): This room type is large and accommodates five or six students but also has no cooking spaces (students are not allowed to make their meals in the lodge). The rooms are en-suite with bathroom and toilet spaces and wall drop lobbies.

Regular Royal lodge (? 175 per session): This room type accommodates two or three students and has no kitchen (students are not allowed to make their meals in the lodge). The rooms are en-suite with bathroom and toilet spaces and wall drop lobbies.

Premium Villa lodge (? 200,000 per session): This room type accommodates five students and it is en-suite with a kitchen (students are allowed to prepare their own meals in the lodge), a bathroom and toilet space and a wall drop lobby. The rooms are equipped with television and cable network as well as the internet service that provides unlimited browsing.

Use of Electrical Gadget in the Hall of Residence

Students who desire to make use of the under listed electrical appliances must be resident in either the premium lodge or the premium villa lodge and will have to pay the additional corresponding fees per month as indicated below

S/N Electrical Gadget  Amount (?)
1 Electric cooker 2,500
2 Refrigerator (Small size) 1,000
3 Television Set 500
4 Microwave 500
5 Hand-dryer 500
6 Electric Toaster 500
7 Sandwich maker 300
8 Coffee maker 300
9 Bread Toaster 200


  • Electric iron is permitted in all hostels but must be used carefully

Thank you

Student Affairs Unit


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